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Live Financial Workshops

Financial Education with Your Personal Global Coach





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Virtual Workshops

If you have personal finance questions, you can also bring them to our virtual sessions.
These free events are available through out the year as an introduction to our coaches. 

making budgets work on may 27th

Making Budgets Work

May 27th, 2021 at 6PM (Past Event)

Participants will identify personal obstacles to budgeting and create and apply a structure to track and analyze spending. They will also list short, medium, and long-term goals and discuss the importance of debt reduction and building emergency savings. Ultimately, participants will learn to apply strategies to manage day-to-day spending.


global coach  virtual workshops

Budgeting with Your Financial Coach

May 13th, 2021 at 6PM (Past Event)

Participants will learn about the costs of car ownership, outside of a monthly car payment, to distinguish between the listed price and the actual price of a vehicle. They will also learn to determine how much they can budget toward a car payment and discuss different payment options to decide which is right for them. Finally, participants will demonstrate how to evaluate a loan and apply what they’ve learned to “shopping around” and contract negotiations.



Helpful Resources

We understand that some members may prefer to speak anonymously about their finances.  
We have the following options for you:


Finances & Budgets

Interactive financial education modules

Finances and Budgets - our mini-course training program. Modules created for every financial situation, designed to relate to your own circumstances.

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money management

Money Management

Your personal financial management tool

A set of tools & features for you to track your financial spending with ease. 

Automatically available to you when you log into eBranch or our App

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