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wear red remember everyone deployed


Freedom is a privilege and as Americans, we are fortunate to have servicemen and servicewomen fight for our liberties.
Global has partnered with KXLY to recognize these men and women by wearing red on Fridays through September 11. Stop by any Global location and receive a red wristband to show your support.

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Who do you wear red for?

Many years ago, people started wearing red across the country every Friday to serve as a reminder and spread the message of how important it is that we keep our troops in our thoughts. It is something small that anyone can participate in to maintain awareness of the sacrifices of our military members take to protect our citizens.


The Deployed

Remember Everyone Deployed. 
It is what Wear RED stands for, and we take a stand for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and our people.

All Service Men and Women

While our service men and women are committed to protecting our civil liberties and freedoms, they often commit themselves to a duty of commands and personal life sacrifices as well. Whether it is moving from place to place, or being deployed, military life can be challenging with sometimes sudden change.


Military Families

Families can go from being a two parent household to a single parent house hold in a matter of weeks and don’t hear from their loved ones for sometimes months, they may not even know when they will be returning home, if at all.


How else can I help?

Support one of these incredible organizations by donating at any GlobalCU branch or directly to them by using the links below.

operation spokane heroes logo

Spokane Heroes


disabled american veterans logo

Disabled American
Veterans Chapter 9


Newby Ginnings logo

Newby Ginnings
of North Idaho



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blue star days


Military Products



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Check out our military account page for our special products and promotions just for you.






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