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Advantage Pay

With Advantage Pay overdraft service you never have to worry that a check or automatic withdrawal from your checking account might be returned if you’re low on funds. Funds for overdrafts will come from your overdraft transfer options first, but if sufficient funds aren’t available, Advantage Pay is here for you!

With Advantage Pay you are covered with:

  • ACH transfers
  • Checking
  • Bill Pay
  • Teller transactions

Advantage Pay for debit cards

By enrolling your debit card, your purchases are covered even when those minor mistakes happen that leave your checking account short of cash.

Enrolling your debit card covers:

  • Debit card purchases
  • ATM withdrawals


What does Advantage Pay cost? How much time do I have to repay?

There is a $30 overdraft fee for each check or other overdraft item we cover for you. We determine each member’s limit through an automated, dynamic system. There is a daily limit of 6 fees ($180) for personal accounts. We will not pay an overdraft for you in excess of these limits. You have 30 days from your first overdraft to bring your account current.

Can I opt out?

Yes, if you do not want Advantage Pay you must contact us by phone at 509-455-4700, toll-free at 800-676-4562 or by letter at PO BOX 3200, Spokane, WA 99220-3200 to cancel this service.





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