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Online Banking

Online banking is one of the greatest ways to access your accounts and avoid lines at the bank to handle your money. From investing to grow your wealth to making a mobile deposit in your checking or savings account while on the run, having an online bank makes managing money so easy. 

We at Global Credit Union are excited for you to discover our online banking services and explore how to make the most out of your banking time. Look over the details and information provided below to get started with online banking the credit union way!

How to Start Banking Online

To start moving from waiting in line to handle your accounts or access your money to online banking, there are a few steps to take first. Don't worry! These are quick steps! After all, the whole point of online banking is to ease banking all together!


step 1

Become a
Global Member

Joining Global Credit Union gains you a lot of benefits plus the personal service only a credit union can provide. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, you get better rates and fewer fees than you would at a traditional bank. Sign-up and start to discover the plus of online banking with a credit union!



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Already a Member?

Thanks for being part of Global! To get started with your online banking account, you just need to register for eBranch! Once you do that, you're ready to enter your online bank accounts!



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Download the GlobaclCU Bank Mobile App

What would online banking be without a mobile banking app? Nothing like making a deposit while mobile and checking your accounts while stuck in traffic!



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Mobile Banking Account Services

Meet the tools you can use for online banking, at your convenience


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Money Management

Your personal financial management tool

A set of tools & features for you to track your financial spending with ease. 

Automatically available to you when you log into eBranch or our App


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Mobile Deposit

Deposit your check instantly

Endorse by signing your name and writing "for mobile deposit only at Global CU." Download our App and then snap a picture of the front and back of the check to upload. It's secure and convenient!


See Limits


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eStatements & Tax Forms

View your official account documents

Going paperless provides you with easy access to your statements and tax forms.  They reduce the risk of mail fraud and they're free!  Go to the eStatments & Tax Forms tab in eBranch or in our App.

eStatements are available for any loan or account. An eVelocity checking account requires acceptance of eStatements.



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Bill Pay

Auto pay bills directly from eBranch

Paying your bills is a breeze.  Set up your accounts in Bill Pay. If the payee doesn't receive digital deposits, no problem! Global will automatically send a check in the mail.

See Limits


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Loan Payments

Make an easy payment on your loan

Members who have a loan with Global will see how easy it is to make your payment. When you log in, you will see all of your Global accounts. Simply select your Global loan and transfer money directly from your checking or savings account to make a payment.



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Send money to someone in a snap!

Send and receive money with just about anyone online or through a mobile device. Just type in their number and the amount you would like to send and then it’s on its way!

Minimum amount of $10 required
Automatically available to you in our app

See Limits




Best Bank Online Benefits

Being a Global member has its perks with online banking. Below you'll find two ways to maximize your online banking. Explore how to further protect and use your card!

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Card Controls

Protect your card with real time control

Card Controls allows you to uniquely control and protect your Global Debit and Credit cards. This tool empowers you to make proactive decisions, as well as respond immediately to card-use situations as they occur.




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My GlobalCU Rewards

Get rewarded for using your debit card!

Consider it our sincere "Thank You" for being a loyal member. Participation is easy! You'll earn points for simply using your Global Debit Card for purchases. Redeem your points and receive great gifts and merchandise on this site. Simply set up or log in to your account, enter your certificate and start shopping!





Online Banking FAQ


Yes! Use Mobile Deposit. Download our App and just snap a picture of the front and back of the check. Be sure to endorse your check correctly.

If you have GlobalCU eBranch, navigate to the Card Controls feature. If your card is registered, turn the card off. This will block any charges made to the card by physical use or online use. Then contact a Global representative to receive a new card.

In GlobalCU eBranch for desktop, go the the eStatements tab. In the GlobalCU eBranch Mobile App, go to "More" and scroll to the "My Account" section. There you will find the eStatements tab.

In eBranch, click on the ‘My Settings’ or in Mobile select ‘Settings’ in the More tab. Under ‘Login & Security’ select the credential you would like to update.

Password must be a minimum of eight (8) characters that include a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. 

In addition to validating your identity by entering your user name and password, Global Credit Union also provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is an added security feature that allows us to verify you with one-time passcodes by phone or email. >> Learn More


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