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Join Global Credit Union and you'll enjoy a variety of benefits! In addition to great personal service, Global also offers fewer fees and we exist to serve our members. We are here to Grow Dreams, Members and Community.

The Credit Union Difference

By joining any credit union, you become a member and an owner. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives giving people an alternative to profit-driven financial institutions, like banks, which exist to pay stockholders. Click here to learn more about the #CUDifference.

Great Financial Services

Global provides a place for members to save and get loans at reasonable rates. Our services are tailored to meet our members' needs. This is one place where member voting comes in; as a member, you get to say what's important to you. We have services and products for every financial situation.

Better Rates and Lower Fees

Global passes "profits" directly back to our members. Because there are no shareholders to keep happy, we are able to offer, on average, better rates and lower fees. All profits come back to our members—not to a board of directors or shareholders. And your savings are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA so your money is safe and secure.

Once a Member, Always a Member

Just because you leave your employer or place of residence doesn't mean you have to leave Global. With our online services, Global eBranch allows you to bank remotely, both on the web and mobile. Learn how to access your account anywhere, anytime, by clicking here.

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