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Welcome to Global Credit Union

Cu difference we love our communities

Here at Global, we talk about the #CUDifference all the time.
But what does that mean for you, as members?



It means people helping people!




✓ Donations

✓ Volunteering

✓ Community Involvement


✓ Higher Dividends

✓ Lower Loan Rates

✓ Reduced Fees

CU Voice

✓ Not-for-Profit

✓ Member Owned

✓ Volunteer Board


What is CULAC?

 A bi-partisan political action committee (PAC) devoted to supporting federal candidates and committees that support the credit union movement. 

This gives you, as a credit union member, a voice in the credit union movement within the State and Federal governments, helping to protect the future of credit union and their members. 

Invest in Global's future!

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to candidates who support credit unions and the CUDifference.

Get Involved

T-Shirt Sales, Food Truck Day, Donate at a Branch


Looking for more info?


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Connect with Us

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Visit CULAC Website

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What is the #CUDifference?


Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives giving people an alternative to profit-driven financial institutions which exist to pay stockholders. We believe that we need to be advocates in protecting all credit unions. Credit Unions like Global are a valuable financial alternative. Bank trade associations attack credit unions because they know that we provide consumers an alternative. Without credit unions, banks could make greater profits at the expense of consumers, so naturally they would prefer to see the competition disappear.


We need to make sure lawmakers understand the value and benefit credit unions provide their constituents. That’s why we have created an Advocate Program in which all of us, Global members and employees, can participate.

  • We exist to serve our members
  • We return our earnings to our members in the form of higher dividend rates and lower loan rates
  • We do not issue stocks or pay dividends to outside stockholders like banks do
  • We pay taxes
  • We are an economic democracy – each member has equal ownership and one vote
  • We are here to Grow Dreams, Members and Community


How to Advocate


Be informed – know the #CUDifference

Share your credit union stories! If Global Credit Union has positively impacted you, please spread the word. Send your stories to us and will share them with others

Support candidates that support credit unions

Help raise our collective voice. Deduct-a-Buck to contribute to our State and National Political Action Committees CULAF/CULAC




Make a Difference!


Register to Vote

All of our votes matter, you can make the difference for your community.


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Contact Lawmakers

Advocate for your community. Your voice can be heard!


military events

Community Events

We love to be involved and support many wonderful organizations. 




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