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July 16th, 2019

Global Citizens Community Day is a celebration of Global’s year-round promise of Working for a Purpose. This year, we will be replacing a workday in the office for a workday in our community.

This year our focus is on housing, one of the most pressing issues in our community. On July 16th, Global employees will take the workday to volunteer at our local Veterans’ Housing Services, Habitat for Humanity and SNAP. Together, we will spark attention to and strengthen the cause of these local missions to provide affordable housing and resources in our community.


How it began


The Global Citizen principle is dedicated to Working for a Purpose, not only with our members and co-workers, but also our community partners.

Global is committed to making a positive impact within our communities. Year-round, Global Credit Union employees volunteer and maintain a personal connection within our communities. In 2018, employees worked with more than 50 community partners and volunteered more than 2,400 hours. This spirit of community and volunteerism has led us to the Global Citizens Community Day, one of the many ways Global shows our commitment to the communities where we have a presence year-round.



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