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How to Get Through This Pandemic a Healthier Person

Fitness | Health How to Get Through This Pandemic a Healthier Person


How to Get Through This Pandemic a Healthier Person 

Tips about nutrition from a local Health Coach


We can get overwhelmed pretty easily by the tips and recommendations floating around about how to deal with this crisis we’re in right now. Let’s narrow it down to a few ideas so they become lifestyle changes for the long term, rather than something to just get us through this!

Today I’ll be addressing how we should FUEL our body. Food is information – plain and simple. The more natural the food, the easier it is for your body to know how to use it. You can’t change the fact that maybe over the last couple (or ten) years you’ve put off your workout plan to get strong and healthy. Or that you’ve eaten your way into bigger clothing. That’s all in the past and today’s a new day, right? Well, let’s take a look at just how important today is when choosing our menu during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

When your body is fighting inflammation driven by fake junk foods you’re ingesting, it gets stressed. When your mind can’t shut off at night because you’re worried about… everything… it gets stressed. And for some, when you can’t see the ones you love and you can’t hug others at will, it causes stress. I’m one of those people! The struggle is real!

When your body is stressed it secretes cortisol, a stress hormone that releases sugars into the bloodstream, which has a beautiful purpose when we truly need it for a short period of time. But when we’re under constant, chronic stress we get too much of it for too long and it causes all kinds of issues we may not even realize. Yes, it absolutely causes us to gain weight. Did you know it may also have a negative impact on our immune system? 

If you’re immune system is fighting all day every day from chronic stress, how will it have the strength to fight off the REAL invaders? The common cold, the flu, disease and most importantly, the virus we’re all trying to avoid?
In most cases: Face it with good health, come away faster with fewer complications. 
My promise to you: you will never, ever regret eating well and treating your body with respect. 

Start today. TODAY. 
Need help with where to begin? I gotcha.

1. No more, or, let’s be realistic, limit processed foods. What are those? Convenience foods cooked, canned, boxed up and ready for you to “just heat and eat.” Those foods that are nutritionally altered or fortified because they lack goodness. Yes, there are some decent options out there – we’re getting better – but you need to understand food labels to know which ones are doing your body good.

2. Need to simplify? Eat foods that have under three ingredients you can pronounce. And let’s just get rid of sugar, shall we? That’s just inflammation ready to be unleashed!

3. Eat loads of colors when it comes to your veggies. Make your plate 50% of that rainbow. What do the colors mean? Here’s just a short list of what each one offers us:
Red – packed full of antioxidants: those little scavengers that prevent damage to our cells
Orange and Yellow – help our immune and cardiovascular systems, eyes and joints
Green – builds healthy cells, fights carcinogens and detoxifies our system
Blue – fights inflammation and destroys free-radicals, the little buggers that damage our cells and cause premature aging

4. Flush your beautiful body that works so hard for you every day with straight up WATER. How much? Weigh yourself, divide that number in ½ and drink that many ounces. Try to finish that amount by 5 or 6pm so you’re not up all night. But everyone’s different – give your system some time to adjust to the change! 

5. For some people, dairy, gluten, red meat, grains, night shades, etc. may cause your system to fight even more and you wouldn’t know it. There are several ways to figure out if you’re TRULY feeling amazing. Consider limiting these foods - then listen to what your body tells you about how it feels. (This is a long, disciplined process that you may need guidance in doing, but it works.)

You guys, we’re going to get through this! There are things we can’t control right now, but there are many things we CAN. It’s up to each of us how we feel marching forward - good nutrition is the first step!

***More to come from Lisa about how we can not only get through this, but we can come out stronger! 
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Written By
Lisa Dittmarr
Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach
Lisa Dittmarr is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach in Spokane. Her ability to connect with clients individually helps them realize their goal of living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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