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Global Beginnings

Women’s history month is both a celebration and recognition of women’s contributions to history. Why does it matter? It matters to Global because we support diversity and believe that diverse companies are better able to serve, innovate and succeed in their mission. Our mission is to Grow Dreams, Members and Community.
Currently, Global Credit Union employs 129 women; 37 of which occupy positions of leadership. We are proud of our amazing women executive leaders. That’s a whopping 77% of all Global employees. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise. We were founded by a woman.
Global Credit Union began in 1954 at Fairchild Air Force Base by Mary Milla. Mary was a civilian employee at Fairchild Air Force Base when she saw the need for a community credit union as a financial services alternative.

Global Credit Union (previously Fairchild Federal Credit Union) employed primarily female employees at their first branch. To this day, 65 years later, Global continues to employ predominantly female employees.  
“The majority of our employees have always been women,” said Mary Starkey, Global’s Chief Operating Officer. “We also know from our research that women are most likely to be the primary financial decision maker.”
Men have dominated the finance industry throughout history. In the past, female employees were more likely to fill clerical positions rather than management positions. Women’s involvement in the financial industry has changed over time. It wasn’t until late into the 20th century that single women were granted access to their own line of credit without a male co-signer. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 made discriminatory actions against the applicant based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex or marital status, illegal.
We have and always will stand for women. May we remember them, may we support them, may we be them. 
Written By
Riley Osborn
Public Relations Specialist
Born and raised in beautiful Spokane, Riley graduated from EWU. An avid reader and writer, Riley can be found with her nose in a book. She enjoys the ocean, all things travel and time spent outdoors.

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