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Five Ways To Plan A Budget Friendly Vacation

Budgets Five Ways To Plan A Budget Friendly Vacation
Summer is on the horizon and we know you're excited for those warm, sunny vacations! You deserve to find your favorite place for relaxation. To help you do just that, here are 5 ways you can find your summer getaway without breaking the bank! 
1. Explore the local scenery
The quickest way to save on travel is to explore a new area near your hometown! The INW hosts natural beauty all around and it's likely you haven’t seen it all. Whether you’re hiking Mount Spokane, visiting Manito Park, or checking out what’s new at Lake Coeur d’Alene, you can find your new vacation spot right in your own backyard! Check out some of these local favorites!
Riverfront Park
Centennial Trail
Manito Park 
Riverside Park 
The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture
Finch Arboretum 
Interested in seeing something you haven’t before? Visit the City of Spokane Parks & Recreation page to learn more about what Spokane parks have to offer.
2. Try camping vs a resort
Those vacation destinations look great on TV but they come at a premium. In fact, it is estimated that an affordable all-inclusive resort can cost $1,400 per person! This summer, a tent and a camping ground might just be the best adventure you never knew you wanted. But if you are looking for something a little closer to “glamping” might we suggest renting an RV? It's a great way to see if the RV life is right for you before making a big purchase. Some RVs can be rented for as low as $15 per person, per night. No matter what style of camping you choose, there are campgrounds all over that are sure to bring you fresh air and relaxation! 
Find an RV to rent here.
Find a local campsite here.
Or take the adventure further by searching for a campsite in a nearby state here.
3. Fly using rewards or airline miles
If you find yourself looking to travel by air to your next vacation, be sure to check your credit or debit card rewards! You might find that you have been accruing miles or travel perks. Check your GlobalCU eBranch and My Global CU Rewards to see what travel offers you can take advantage of.  
4. Plan a picnic instead of eating out
We know it’s tempting to eat out, and you deserve to treat yourself! But it’s a good idea to set a budget for what you are willing to spend on food during your trip. Eating out can get expensive, fast! It would cost a family of four approximately $100 for one dinner out at a restaurant. But for those who plan and prep their meals, the average is just $200 to feed a family of four for an entire week. By planning, preparing and packing your own food, you can save money while enjoying your vacation! 
5. Check out a vacation package
We want to help make your dream vacation a reality. That's why we have partnered with Get Away Today to make affordable vacation packages available to you. Whether you are looking for Disney cruises or special offers for destinations around the world, their Best Price, Best Service Guarantee means you never have to worry about saving on popular vacation destinations like Mexico, Hawaii and more! Some vacations start at just $175 down. Check out how you could save by booking with Get Away Today Vacations.

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