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Family Activities for Your Holidays

Covid-19 Family Activities for Your Holidays

Family Activities for Your Holidays

COVID Friendly Ideas


This year’s holiday shopping and planning can be especially daunting with COVID and its effects on your wallet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your holidays just as special and memorable for you and your loved ones.

These ideas are both COVID friendly and budget friendly to incorporate into any holiday season:


Ship It and Gift It

With the ease of online shopping and gift delivery, organize a gift exchange with family both near and far to share the love through gift giving. This option eases the tension on your budget because it’s only one gift you have to purchase and ship versus the many gifts of an extended family or large immediate family.

Many companies will even wrap or ship in gift paper/boxes to conceal the gift until ready to be opened by the receiver!  And don’t count the small stores out.  Small business have people behind the website, customizing orders, gift messages and shipments.  Often, the ability to speak to a person allows you to make sure everyone gets a special something.


Digital Gifting

The digital world has never been more flexible and you can send Audible credits to the book worm of the family, Amazon Video credits to the movie buff and even digital food certificates for your foodie friends! Our personal local favorite is Nectar Fresh Meal Kits.  This option allows you to pick one of many freshly prepared meal kits to cook from your own home so it’s nice and hot for the whole family to enjoy!

This option is budget friendly but also less taxing on you to figure out what flavors and trends your friends and family are currently enjoying. You know that with a gift card, certificate or credit your special someone will get exactly what he or she wants!


Family Time…Virtually

 It can be incredibly difficult to make the season feel magical when you’re talking through a 6-inch phone screen or laptop. But you can make the most of it with Covid friendly games and activities. Don’t forget, prizes always make virtual family game night more fun!


Family Christmas Bingo

This year, create a new family favorite tradition.  Play Christmas Bingo.  Make it a whole show by pulling out prizes and showing them off like Vanna White. Then it’s no joke bingo with Christmas images being flashed up in the air, markers flying every which way (beans work great!) and everyone trying to be the first to yell BINGO!

If you’re planning on Virtual Bingo, we recommend you make a Facebook group so that everyone can hop onto the LIVE feed and participate, no matter where they are. Emailing a pdf or even texting a picture of some of the cards will allow everyone to mark their cards with apps and “markup” tools on phones, laptops and tablets. Not only are you social distancing but you’re waste consciences too!


Jeopardy Jubilee

Another game to try this season is Jeopardy – white elephant style! Make a jeopardy board using the PowerPoint template and then customized the questions to your families. The catch here is instead of money, the winner gets to choose a wrapped gift to open from the pile. With family joining digitally, plan to use video chat so that everyone can participate and watch.

The gifts will be separated between families in advance, so that they can be opened during the game. You can create variation of this game to better suite your needs. Another option is to keep the dollar amounts on the game board and just send money digitally after the game ends.  Instead of cash, use gift cards or physical gifts that will be mailed or delivered afterwards.


Family Trivia

Trivia is another incredibly easy game to turn virtual, especially with the ability to screen share and video chat. And it’s customizable.  Just pick topics that family members will enjoy. Prizes are just as easy to win and share with the options mentioned above. With apps like Gameshow Buzz Button and The Ultimate Buzzer you can have each team, family or individual use a unique sound to up the ante and add another level of difficulty.  As for prizes, some families create a traveling award that gets mailed to the winning family, aiding the ability to brag about superior trivia skills to all!


No matter the distance this holiday season, there are many ways to keep in touch with family and enjoy the day with games, talk and fun. Most of these games and gift options can fit any budget and family dynamic which makes the holiday budget happy.   We hope these ideas help you add some magic to your holidays.  And, we wish you and your families a very happy Holiday Season!

Written By
Crystalena Lightel
Internal Communications & Programs
With degrees in Communications and Journalism, it's easy to see why Crystalena loves writing. With a newly expanded family, free time is at a max. She loves book club and finds time to get outside.

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