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Employee Spotlight: Sami, Member Care Center Assistant Manager

Employee Spotlight Employee Spotlight: Sami, Member Care Center Assistant Manager

Are you ready for another Global Employee Spotlight!? This week, we want to tell you about Sami and what she does for our members and the Global team. 

Member Care Center Assistant Manager
Global Employee: 
2.5 years 
Positions Held:
Member Care Center Assistant Manager
Fun Fact: 
Sami is an avid bowler and bowled her first-ever perfect 300 game this year. She participates in not one but two bowling leagues and competes in tournaments all over! In fact, she is going to Chicago in June for a national tournament! We have our fingers crossed for you, Sami! Good luck!

Sami’s Global Beginning
Sami joined the Global team two and a half years ago where she was hired as a Member Care Center Assistant Manager and she continues to work with that team today. She came onboard and learned what Global does on a day-to-day basis, but also brought some exciting and new ideas to help her team alongside fellow Member Care Center Manager, Randi. We knew Sami came with outstanding experience, and with that experience she has helped create a transparent and supportive dynamic for her team. The Member Care Center takes care of members’ needs like electronic transfers, card services, online services, and more! 

For Sami, it’s important to give employees opportunity to move up and feel like they are accomplishing something. It’s hard to keep people in roles that feel stagnant. And when they have nowhere to go, it’s even harder. So, by creating different and rewarding roles for employees, the Global Member Care Center has been able to maintain a resilient team - shout out to Zach and Justin who have been on the team for over three years now!

The Global Difference
We hear about “work-life balance” as something more and more people are searching for when considering a new job. It’s important to be able to step aside from work and have the balance of also focusing on family, friends and community. Community impact is something Sami is passionate about and she loves knowing she always has the option to volunteer with Global due to the emphasis on positive community impact. Sami’s favorite community event has been “Working for A Purpose” where Global employees have a paid day to go out and volunteer for a cause. Sami chose to spend her day of service landscaping for a local shelter. If anyone needs help laying bricks, Sami is on it!

Family Ties
Sami’s grandfather was a Global member when she was a little girl. He served in the military and played an important part in Sami’s life, fostering her “military mentality” while she was growing up. With her family connection to Global, friends in the military, and attending high school in Medical Lake, Sami has a lot of connections with the military from a personal point of view. She told us, “I play softball with a guy who has been in the military for 20+ years and he loves Global. He tells me about it every time. That’s another thing I love about working here. You go places and you tell people you work for Global and it turns out they know Jack, Global’s President/CEO, or Mary Global’s Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer. How often do you get that elsewhere?”

Team Work Makes the Dream Work 
If you haven’t noticed already with her bowling accomplishments and baseball enthusiasm, Sami is all about a teamwork mindset. So, Global’s “work together” core value is who Sami is at her core. Her athleticism lends itself to thriving in a team dynamic. And according to Sami, that is especially true in the Member Care Center. Because they do a little bit of everything, they rely on different departments to finalize things or help them with member requests. Working together is important for members and employees.

What’s on The Horizon
Growth! Sami mentioned the importance of employee growth. But with today’s economy, stability is also something to consider. The upcoming merger with Alaska USA FCU will allow Global to grow substantially. This provides reassurance and to use Sami’s words, “You know we aren’t going anywhere. I think we will be here for a long time.”

Spreading Global Love
Sami tells us she loves Global because, “It’s a great place to work. Everyone is so friendly. You can get help with whatever you need. I mean, I came in as a manager and I was managing people who knew the role better than I did. To be able to reach out to other managers as well as all my employees welcoming me with open arms was great”. Sami has also been able to take advantage of Global’s tuition reimbursement program and earned her Business Management degree from Western Governors University last December. Congratulations Sami!

From everyone at Global Credit Union, thank you for all that you do Sami! We are lucky to have a team player like you taking care of our staff and our members!

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