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Covid-19 putting a whole new meaning to “the struggling artist”.

Covid-19 Covid-19 putting a whole new meaning to “the struggling artist”.

Covid-19 putting a whole new meaning to “the struggling artist”.

Jesse Pierpoint

With the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak changing the way working professionals operate in their daily careers, artists are occupied with adapting to a new system. 

Jesse Pierpoint, a well-known mixed media artist and advocator for the arts community based out of Spokane, WA. has experienced firsthand how the art industry has changed amidst the outbreak.

“I was doing a lot of live art and painting for nonprofit events throughout the US and I had quite a few events lined up for the year that have either been postponed or canceled” said Pierpoint.

Pierpoint, like many other artists, was also forced to close down his art studio located in Couer d’Alene, Idaho.

But what comes with adaptation comes a new outlook.  Life seems to have “slowed down” for many of us. Including busy artists and their families.

“There has been a lot of really cool things that have come out of all this,” said Pierpoint.  “It’s been really neat to be able to be home with my kids and create with them and have that time with them that we otherwise would not be able to have.”

Aside from using this newfound time spent with their families, artists like Pierpoint are channeling their creativity into discovering new ways to connect and share their work with others.

On June 6th, 2020 Dennis Carman, local artist and previous Spokane Arts Commissioner held an event called “Art on the Go”; a city-wide “drive through” art show hosted in the front yards of participating artists.

“Best part of all the art show was not so much the success, but getting to know so many artists in the community and getting to be a part of that” said Pierpoint. “It was great to watch the community of art grow and meet a lot of people and make lots of friends.”

Over 90 artists connected to create the ultimate local art tour all over the city.

Great things are brought about when the hands of all members of the community work together to support one another. Global Credit Union is dedicated to standing with the local art community through these uncertain times.

“Global has done a great job supporting local artists, everyone is super supportive” said Pierpoint.

To check out Jessie Pierpoint’s mural commissioned by Global Credit Union visit:

To view more of Jessie’s work, visit his website:

For more information on “Art on the Go” including an updated lists of participating artists and front yard art exhibit locations, visit the event Facebook page:


Written By
Riley Osborn
Public Relations Specialist
Born and raised in beautiful Spokane, Riley graduated from EWU. An avid reader and writer, Riley can be found with her nose in a book. She enjoys the ocean, all things travel and time spent outdoors.

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