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4 Tips to Stay Safe Online

Covid-19 | Safety 4 Tips to Stay Safe Online

4 Tips to Stay Safe Online

Don’t Let the Fraudsters Cash in on Your Holiday Spirit 


In this day and age, we’re no strangers to the digital world. Groceries, prescriptions, clothing, dinning out and even hobbies provide digital access options. But with all these online services, orders and resources there’s a security measure to consider. The question we find ourselves asking more and more is “how do I protect myself from debit and credit card fraud?”

Especially as the holiday season is now upon us, you can bet there will be lots of online shopping as well as lots of fraudsters trying to cash in on your holiday spirit. There are some simple tips and tools to help you reduce the risk or prevent further fraud if you catch suspect activity.

Tip #1:

Use a credit card to online shop. If your card is ever compromised or fraudulent activity occurs, your credit card is a better choice than your debit/checking account. Your credit card is just that, it’s credit. It’s a revolving form of financing that gives you a month’s time to pay off the balance.  This allows you time to work with your financial institution to get the fraudulent activity reported and the funds reimbursed, thus saving your hard-earned cash.  In addition, if a fraudster gets a hold of your checking account information, all your cash could be removed, leaving you with zero balance to pay your rent.  Not good.


Tip #2:

You shouldn’t save account numbers or passwords on devices you don’t own or share with others. If you forget to log out or share your device, then you become susceptible to fraud.


Tip #3:

Avoid shopping with merchants whose site is not secure. Web addresses with a padlock before the “https” in the URL indicates a secure site.  Also, remember to enable security software on your devices for added protection.


Tip #4

While the popular Tik Tok says, “Don’t be suspicious,” we say be very suspicious – with a capital S!  In 2019, online fraud rose by 29%, showing scammers and fraudsters are working hard to make a free buck.


Being aware and doing your research are your best lines of defense. Check these details before you place your order:

  • The web address should match the merchant’s name - Etsy should be
  • Logos on the site shouldn’t look stretched or fuzzy
  • Support/Contact info should be noticeable and accessible


If the site is asking for more detailed info such as your social security number then abort the cart! These are scammers trying to trick you into releasing vulnerable information.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely eliminate the risk of fraud. That’s why you need to be aware, use the tips above and have a plan. Use trusted tools like CardNav to be a watch dog for your cards as you shop for family and friends this holiday season!  Want to learn more about CardNav?   Click here.

Finally, you can always contact a Global representative to discuss this topic in more detail. Contact us to learn more



Written By
Crystalena Lightel
Internal Communications & Programs
With degrees in Communications and Journalism, it's easy to see why Crystalena loves writing. With a newly expanded family, free time is at a max. She loves book club and finds time to get outside.

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