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10 Things to do if you Lose Your Job.

Covid-19 10 Things to do if you Lose Your Job.

10 things to do if you lose your job

It can be scary and bewildering to lose your job. Here are some steps you can take to help get through this time.


  1. Emotions are ok

Experiencing a wide range of emotions after the loss of a job can be expected, and it can be scary to endure. You need to acknowledge the emotions, but also focus forward. Use this time to reach out to friends, family, and loved ones. Support resources, whether personal or professional, can help you through this difficult time. 

  1. Collect your money

          Collect your last paycheck and if eligible, your accrued vacation and sick time. Check out your state’s labor department for available                        unemployment benefits and other services.


  1. Talk about it

         Tell people. Unfortunately, many people feel compelled to keep the news a secret but friends and family can’t help if they don’t know what               you are experiencing. Remember, job loss happens, many will experience the loss of a job at least once in their career.


  1. Create a budget – STAT!

Prioritize your expenses, figure out where you can reallocate money.

“Be productive with your finances and loans,” said Global Credit Union Member Service Representative, PJ Ross. “Ask your credit union what kind of help is available before it becomes an issue. It builds confidence on both sides, so if the job search becomes an extended issue as it has been for many this past year, everyone is on good terms. Because no one wants the ‘your payment is due’ phone call.”


  1. Check out your coverage

         Take time to figure out your health insurance coverage, especially if you had health insurance through your employer.


  1. Examine your debt

Can you skip a payment, get a deferment or pay lower amounts? Give your lenders a call to see what recourses and aid they can offer you.

“Don’t be afraid to contact your creditors to discuss what payment options or programs that may be available to you,” said Cami Nelson, Global Credit Union Collection Manager.


  1. Are you eligible for unemployment?

         When you lose your job, you will immediately want to find out if you qualify for unemployment benefits. Each and every state in the U.S. has           its own guidelines when it comes to qualifying for unemployment. Here are three things that will usually qualify you for unemployment                     benefits –

  • You have become unemployed through no fault of your own: this means that you were removed from your previous place of employment due to lack of available work.
  • You meet wage and work requirements: This means that you must have worked a certain amount of time (known as a “base period”) or made a certain amount of wages given a certain time period.
  • Meet any additional requirements specific to your state: You can visit to learn additional requirements that pertain to your specific state.  


  1. Personal development

Sometimes it’s hard to look at the positives when life hands you a bad seed. However, it is important to stay optimistic during times of struggle. Spend this newly awarded time growing. Whether this means professionally, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Have you been considering pursuing a skill, going back to school, becoming a more desirable candidate for that dream job? Take this point in your life as the first stepping stone toward achieving those goals.


  1. Start a job Search

It’s time to put yourself out there. Reach out to fellow colleagues, close friends, family, past and present mentors. The quickest way to potential job leads is to get your name (and your resume) out there.


  1. Apply to jobs.

          Apply to jobs you want, and maybe some that you don’t necessarily want. Apply to jobs that appeal to you. Apply to jobs you’re qualified for            and to those you’re not so sure about. Take a look at your resume. Maybe it’s time to add some work experience, update your references,              or simply give it a fresh new look. You can search Pinterest to see the latest trends and styles. Once you feel your resume is up to your                    standards, print it out.Share the copies (along with the red marker of doom) to your trusted professional connections and colleagues.

          And perhaps the most important aspect to remind yourself of when in the hunt for a new job; don’t consider “no” a rejection, but rather a                  redirection. Follow up with interviewers that didn’t offer you the job. Request interviewing feedback. Work on your conversation and                          interviewing skills. Practice makes perfect. We know you will be the perfect candidate when the right job comes along.  And, while you are               at it, check out Global Credit Union’s current job openings – We’re always looking for great people to join our Global                                                  family!





Written By
Riley Osborn
Public Relations Specialist
Born and raised in beautiful Spokane, Riley graduated from EWU. An avid reader and writer, Riley can be found with her nose in a book. She enjoys the ocean, all things travel and time spent outdoors.

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