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10 Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday 10 Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas

10 Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas  

Holiday Gifts that make a splash and save your budget this holiday season


Having a larger than life inner circle is never a bad thing! Well… that is until gift giving rolls around. Now I get it, I am in no position to talk when it comes to self-control during the holidays, or lack thereof. In fact, not too long ago I was known as the girl who couldn’t stick to her budget… year after year. For those of you who can relate, for the love of budgeting, please learn from my mistakes.

There is little that destroys the holiday spirit more than the storm cloud of gift-buying debt hanging over you while you try to spend quality time with family and friends. That’s why I’m here to give you the inside scoop on how to skip past that buyer’s remorse with these 10 budget friendly DIY gifts that are sure to wow your loved ones this holiday season.

  1. Bake it happen baby

There is nothing that says I love you more than “I hand rolled these ginger snaps until my palms ached!” For most of us, treat crafting is a typical holiday tradition that we already have on our to-do list for the season. Purchasing ingredients to make homemade goodies is often much cheaper than purchasing pre-made baked items from the store.  Another tip:  you can purchase ingredients in bulk. Every year you can find tons of adorable tins and holiday containers at the dollar store! Fill those tins up to the rim with an assortment of long cherished family recipe treats. Add a bow or ribbon for some flair and voila you have a thoughtful and affordable gift.

  1. Treat mixes to go

With covid-19 precautions, some may prefer not to snack on goodies that friends or family living outside their residence handled. In this case, you can pre-measure the dry ingredients exactly so that whoever you’re sending the gift to can still enjoy one of your recipes, without the potential exposure. These adorable Amazon treat bags are perfect for dividing ingredients. This also works great for family who live too far to hand deliver homemade goodies.

  1. Holiday’s can be stressful, let’s unwind

In the past few years, the bath bomb craze has skyrocketed as many discover how easy it is to make custom bath bombs from home. This is perfect for those who suffer from skin sensitivity or allergies, or simply just like to know which ingredients are added into their cosmetic products!   Look on line for do-it-yourself recipes or purchase a kit. Check out this amazing bath bomb kit from Amazon. This kit comes complete with everything you need!

  1. Pop the bubbly!

Speaking of unwind… How about a festively wrapped bottle of bubbly.  Target has an affordable 4-pack of Barefoot bubbly; the perfect addition to any at home spa night gift. Wrap a ribbon around the bottle and you have an adorable perfectly sized stocking stuffer to accompany your homemade bath bomb.

  1. Homemade candle or pine cone fire starter

Warm those who warm your heart with these homemade pine cone fire starters. Depending on your location, you should be able to find pinecones just laying around in your area. Nothing better than free, right? These pinecone fire starters are the perfect gift for those who love the natural smell of burning pine. DIY Network has a great step by step tutorial including all the materials you will need here.

Pro tip:  package your fire starters in a decorative holiday box for cute storage near the fire place.

  1. Infused vodkas swing top glass bottle

I cannot go on more about the great benefit of custom gifts! Spruce up your holiday hostess gift by making your very own infused vodka right from your kitchen. Customizing your own flavors means you can put a little holiday cheer into those glasses. You can try out delicious flavors like cranberry orange or rosemary mint. Pair this with a unique glass or two and you have a fabulous gift for the aspiring mixologist in your circle.

Amazon has this great set of 4 swing top glass bottles perfect for infused vodkas for a very reasonable price!


  1. Chunky yarn blanket - the snuggle is real

I get it, money is tight. Meaning the ‘snuggle’ is real during the holiday season. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and that means you can NEVER go wrong with an extra layer. The infamous homemade chunky yarn blanket is my go-to for family gifts this season. Don’t let the knitting scare you, these blankets are incredibly quick and easy to whip together. You can find tons of helpful step by step tutorials on YouTube. Turn those holiday tunes on and get to work!

Michael’s has a great buy one get one 50% off on chunky yarn this holiday season.


  1. Gift for the green thumb in your circle? You better be-leaf it

This $14.43 Amazon terrarium is an affordable option for the crazy plant lady (or gentleman) in your life.  You can plant a mini garden in almost any type of container.  Find theme bottles at your local dollar store.  Check out local nursery’s in your area to find small plants and soil or rocks to customize your terrarium gift.


  1. Message filled mason jar

Okay I may be a big sap for this one but I just can’t help but become a ball of mush when I read a hand-written note from someone I love. Message filled mason jars are the perfect gift to express to someone all the things you adore about them. You can add silly memories, poetry or even inside jokes. This gift doesn’t cost much, but it is sure to be invaluable to the recipient.

Granny didn’t have any old canning jars to part with? Worry not, Amazon has this single mason jar for sale.


  1. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas – but if the white runs out I’ll drink the red

A bottle of wine is arguably the easiest grab and go gift for any holiday shopper. Who doesn’t love a free bottle of wine right? Add a personalized silly or sweet label to add a special touch to this easy and affordable gift.  These super inexpensive blank wine labels from Amazon are perfect for any label customization needs. Struggle with printers as much as I do? Worry not, this order comes with 60 labels!


These are only a few ideas.  By using your imagination and searching online, you can find many more personalized budget saving gift ideas.  You don’t have to “break the bank” to show that you care during the holiday season. 


Written By
Riley Osborn
Public Relations Specialist
Born and raised in beautiful Spokane, Riley graduated from EWU. An avid reader and writer, Riley can be found with her nose in a book. She enjoys the ocean, all things travel and time spent outdoors.

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